How To Use Telegram Without Vpn | Telegram Proxy For Pakistan

Dear friends, are you guys also from Pakistan and are you guys also looking for a proxy for Telegram? So today I will tell you how you guys can use telegram absolutely free without any software apps without any vpn . I will tell you guys a proxy that after installing you guys will be able to use telegram without any vpn and your connecting problem will also be solved.


First of all let me tell you why you can’t use telegram in Pakistan without changing location any vpn is with you but then why there is any problem. Why connecting problem with you?
You are in Pakistan and this problem comes because in Pakistan Telegram is not available . Today I will tell you how you guys in Pakistan can use any software without any attachment, without any vpn .


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About Telegram 

Telegram app is a popular messaging app for Android, Desktop, ios,  that is used all over the world . Telegram app was introduced in 2013 . It is considered the best for Telegram messaging because its privacy is also very good and its features . The app povides end-to-end encrypted video calling, messaging, file sharing, and other features .


How To Use Telegram In Pakistan Without VPN

Friends here I am going to share with you one such proxy answer in telegram then you will be able to use telegram in Pakistan without any VPN .

1.  Install the Telegram App on your mobile and open it

2.  Login in to your telegram account using your phone number

3. Open telegram app and click here Connecting ..

4. Click here Add Proxy button ,

5. Select MtProto Proxy and enter server, port, and secret , ( its is given below ) After adding everything, you will click on the tick mark option above. proxy connected successfully . 


Proxy 1

Server :

Port :  443

Secret :  11112222333344445555666677778888


Proxy 2 

 server :

Port :   443

Secret :  dd00000000000000000000000000000000




So I am sure after installing proxy you guys will have telegram running in Pakistan and you guys will be able to use it without any VPN.  Use Telegram according to the method mentioned if still your Telegram problem is not solved then I will bring more solution for you guys.  Dont forget Please Comment Below


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